What’s Fairythimbles all about?

A comfy and welcoming hands -on learning art studio  that focus  on sewing, mixed media a,  art classes for kids and so much more.  Fairythimbles offers exciting,crazy, diverse classes in both the academics and the arts.We provide unique enrichment classes allowing for hands – on, authentic learning experiences by our loving and passionate instructors. We welcome everyone with big open arms! 


HELLO!  I’m Flo! 

I’m a 35 years old mother of 4 kids and living in Palm Bay, FL with my husband Mike. Born and raised in the Philippines. I love to sew, make, DIY, plan events and share! So teaching at Fairythimbles is the perfect job for me!


I started Fairythimbles with the help of my mother. It all started as a way to keep my mother busy, bring extra money to pay for my kids extra curricular activities. And, 3 years later it has gone from my formal living room to a 400 sq.ft office space and now a 1,100 sq.ft commercial space! I slowly invited other homeschool mom friends to come and teach a class for homeschoolers. It quickly morphed into a place for learning more than just sewing. A one stop resource for our fellow homeschoolers!

Most of all, I love to meet people! And, I love to talk about creative life and listen to my students stories!

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